The Complete Oral Exam

The Complete Oral Exam

A comprehensive dental check-up is recommended annually for adults, regardless of whether the patients have all their teeth, miss a few or are completely toothless. The examination is particularly important before any mouth surgery in order to avoid complications.

During this examination, the specialist inspects the following: teeth, gums, inside of the cheeks, lips, lymph nodes under the jaw and soft tissues of the throat. To assess the overall condition of each of these elements and identify any anomaly or disease, the specialist uses some instruments, X-rays and/or photographs.

Problems and diseases that can be detected:

  • Cavities;
  • Dental infections, including abscesses;
  • Gingival recession (insufficient amount of gum to hold the teeth properly in the jaw);
  • Periodontal and gum diseases including gingivitis (inflammation of the gums whose most common symptom is bleeding when brushing teeth) and periodontitis;
  • Various lesions, which may reveal, inter alia, mouth cancer.

Importance of oral health

During the oral health check-up, a dental hygienist is able to provide advice so that patients can maintain or even improve their oral health in order to keep their teeth and their gums free of diseases.

It is recommended to have a perfect oral health before starting an implantology treatment. The specialist may suggest corrective measures to the patient prior to the insertion of the implants. These will resolve certain conditions or prevent their aggravation. These conditions may interfere with a good healing following the surgical procedure or even undermine its success.

With the information collected during the dental examination, the specialist can then recommend the use of dental implants or not, taking into account the existing contraindications.