Metal-free dental implants

Metal-free dental implants

Non-metallic dental implants are conventional size implants made of zirconium ceramic or polymer. These implants have only been used for a few years; they are too recent to determine their long-term effectiveness.

The placement technique of these implants is identical to that of conventional titanium implants. Their use depends on the choice of the dentist or specialist and the patient’s preferences.

The main disadvantage of metal-free implants is their much higher cost than conventional titanium implants.

Benefits of metal-free implants

  • Zirconium is lighter than titanium yet exceptionally strong.
  • Zirconium is biocompatible, meaning that it does not cause any allergies (just like titanium); osseointegration is as successful as with conventional titanium implants.
  • Zirconium implants are white and harmonize better with the colour of natural teeth and gums of the patient, which is not the case with gray titanium implants that can be visible when they are inserted into the jaw.
  • Some studies have shown that zirconium is more hygienic than the metal components used in the manufacturing of conventional dental implants.
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