Orthodontics for teenagers

Orthodontics for teenagers

Adolescence is the ideal time to undertake the most comprehensive orthodontic corrections

The majority of orthodontic clients are aged between 11 and 18.

  • Although variations exist in the growth and development of individuals, (for example, some people may present early dental development while others are slower), the period ranging from age 11 to 13 is critical to correct some imbalances affecting the jaws because the permanent dentition is almost complete while there is still growth potential.
  • Treatments undertaken at the beginning of adolescence are often simpler, faster and can require fewer teeth extractions or complex procedures and surgeries to the jaws. However, orthodontic corrections are possible at any age in healthy individuals.

Our team will help you determine the right time for your child to begin a treatment.

Responsibility and co-operation

As dentists, we sincerely hope that your experience with orthodontics is one of the most pleasant and satisfactory. That is why all of our qualified professionals are willing to support and help you during your treatment. On the other hand, you can greatly help us and positively influence the outcome of your treatment by faithfully following the instructions you are given.

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